Insurance Claims Expertise

We Know How Colorado Auto Insurance Claims Are Evaluated

A law firm that specializes in knowing how Colorado auto insurance claims work and are evaluated gives their clients the best possible representation to ensure a prompt and fair settlement.

Worked For Insurance

Peter M. Anderson is a former auto insurance claims adjuster and claims manager II.  After working as a claims adjuster, Peter’s career began at a prestigious Boston-based insurance defense firm. He learned the inner workings on how defense counsel evaluates cases, including how to increase settlement offers and counter defense counsel tactics and strategies.

Because of Peter’s background, he knows how an insurance corporation is going to evaluate a case. He also knows about the computer software programs most insurance corporations use to calibrate and evaluate Colorado auto insurance claims. Our firm puts this knowledge and expertise to work on your case with complete dedication and compassion.

More information about insurers’ computer programs can be found in the Colossus Report, penned by Peter Anderson. Call us at 303-444-1505 for a copy today.

Watch the video below to learn more about how our prior and current Colorado auto insurance claims experience makes the Law Offices of Peter M. Anderson unique from other firms throughout the state…