Motorcyclists: Report Road Hazards!

Colorado motorcycle accident attorney  Road Conditions Impact Motorcyclists

Every motorcyclist, including Colorado motorcycle accident attorney Peter M. Anderson, has encountered some serious road hazards – from major potholes to raised train tracks to sand leftover from the winter season. Far too many construction sites don’t consider motorcyclists, failing to warn of huge dips or rough pavement areas. Missing road signs may be a nuisance to some vehicles but can make a big difference for motorcyclists on curving roadways and switchbacks. As a Colorado motorcycle accident attorney and avid rider, Peter is constantly on guard against the challenges of man-made, as well as natural, elements. Road conditions are but a single element contributing to a motorcyclist’s safety.

Consider a few other tips:

    • If you are riding in poor weather or less-than-ideal conditions, consider taking short breaks every few hours to avoid fatigue. If visibility is poor, slow down. Make sure you are riding at a speed that allows you to stop in the distance that you can see.
    • Please wear the appropriate safety gear, with reflective and/or protective clothing, eye protection and gloves. Although not mandated in the state of Colorado, a helmet can prove another worthwhile investment.

Motorcycles are everywhere! Ride safe!

Please let us know about a road hazard you have encountered while out riding. Send us a brief e-mail to amanda(at) and we will endeavor to notify the proper authorities of the dangerous road condition.