Onsite Business Etiquette Training

Training goes beyond the basics of good manners

“Lisa provided practical guidance to our team in how to best develop meaningful relationships with clients and prospects”

David Crossed, Navigate Consulting

This business etiquette training program gives your employees the skills to become more influential, polished and professional.

In today’s social media economy, there is a missing link which is the human connection. Building strong client relationships is paramount for your company.

From improving an employee’s personal brand, to the importance of a positive attitude in the office, this training provides your employees the tools to build lasting relationships with clients and the confidence to succeed in the workplace. As casual and modern as we all have become, business etiquette skills are still essential.

“In a business where relationships mean everything, Lisa provided our team with very practical tools to develop a polished, professional and authentic personal brand.”
Amy Weeden

Managing Director + Co-Founder, Propeller Consulting

How to Enhance Your Professional Reputation:

Your employees represent your company whether they interact with clients, engage with colleagues, or use a social media platform. This interactive and action-packed program provides the groundwork and guides your team in creating and polishing their reputation.

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Communication Skills: Verbal, Non-Verbal

Your words, tone, emails, and body language are important components for your brand.  This module focuses on all aspects of your non-verbal and written communication skills.


Benefits: Improved written communication, connecting through conversation and body language awareness

Communication Skills Verbal

  • Conversation skills

  • How to stop using weak language at work

  • Business introductions

  • Phone matters

  • Email etiquette

  • Texting guidelines

  • Express gratitude in today’s business climate

  • Business card etiquette

  • Never talk politics at the office

  • Meeting etiquette

  • How to function in an open office environment


Communication Skills Non-Verbal

  • What is your attitude

  • Gossip

  • Empathy at the office

  • Are you entitled?

  • Listening is an art

  • What your body language says about you at work

  • Body language and cultural awareness

  • Handshakes: how to handle this in our current environment

Art of the Human Connection:

One of our most popular modules.  We must re-learn how to connect with clients and co-workers.

The human experience is a major competitive advantage.

  • To build trust you must start with the human connection
  • Why it matters
  • 10 ways to expand and up-level the human experience with clients as well as co-workers
  • How to be charismatic
Emotional Intelligence

This is the “silent skill”.  Learn why LinkedIn states this is one of the most critical skills in today’s workplace.

  • Emotional intelligence can be defined by four skills
  • Why emotional intelligence matters
  • 3 Actions to take to expand and grow your emotional intelligence
The Business Meal

Whether you are inviting a client for breakfast, hosting a sales meeting, or attending a state dinner, this presentation and tutorial prepares your team for a successful dining event.


  • Imagine this, you are invited to dine with senior management
  • Navigating a table setting
  • American and European Style; what is the difference
  • Conversation during the business meal
  • An informed host
  • A gracious guest
  • How to entertain a client
  • Creative ways to stay in touch after the meal
Connecting the Generations

We can all work together, peacefully, and support one another.  Identify the preferences of each generation in the workforce today and why each one brings positive traits and experiences to the team.


  • What are the five generations in the workplace
  • Generations and their preferences
  • How we can work together
  • Group activity which applies real-life experiences; we get fun and personal
  • Using your intuition to interact effectively

Networking is vital to any career.  Your team will learn practical tips that put everyone at east when attending events


  • A different mindset after participating in the module.
  • Your step-by-step guide to networking
  • What to consider when choosing a networking event
  • How to get a meeting with someone you don’t know
Service Staff

Serving has to feel right.  Participants learn a framework of what is acceptable when providing a service in the field of hospitality.


  • Innate sense of serving; setting an intention to be aware of how others are experiencing your service; yes, this can be learned
  • What is empathy and what this means in hospitality
  • Social and interpersonal skills
  • 16 ways to be exceptional at your job

Let Lisa Richey help your employee’s stand out – in your office and of course, with your customers. Follow the steps below to learn more:



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“Lisa was fantastic! She brought to life the importance of relationship development in the workplace and provided practical guidance to our team in how to best develop meaningful relationships with clients and prospects. Lisa has a warm and engaging personal presence and has made a real impact on our team.”
David Crossed

Navigate Consulting

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