Do I Need A Lawyer?

After A Crash, Many People Feel Lost And Have Questions…

If you were hurt in a car accident, you are forced to deal with insurance claims at a time when you should be solely focusing on your health. You may be in the dark about your rights as a victim. You may need to work with a Boulder car accident lawyer to get your questions answered.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

“My wife was in a serious rear-end Colorado car accident. Her personality has changed, and now she’s scared to get into a car. She hasn’t been able to go back to work, and we’re having a hard time paying all the bills. We’re getting bills from the hospital and ambulance, and have a very high deductible. We’ve been sent to collections, so now our credit is being affected. She’s been out of work for weeks, and her employer is very concerned. Our whole family is very concerned, as we thought she was getting better, but she’s not. Do we need to seek the advice of a Boulder car accident lawyer?”

boulder car accident lawyer“My husband was driving to work on his motorcycle, and someone turned left in front of him. It was a horrible accident, and he’s still in the hospital. We thought he’d only be there for a couple of days and now it’s been a week. He works as an accountant and we’re not even sure if he’s going to return to work. Our health insurance company is calling, and our deductible is really high. I don’t know if we should use our own health insurance, or if there’s another option. I just don’t know where to turn for answers. We’re in a terrible situation, and I desperately need a Boulder car accident lawyer to tell me what do to make sure when my husband gets out of the hospital, he’ll be taken care of.”

“A car hit my son when he was riding to school on his bike. The driver found him unconscious, called 911 and he was rushed to the hospital. Fortunately, he was released that night, but he’s had to drop 3 classes and he’s having trouble with word retrieval and memory issues. We’re scared. We don’t know who to see, or what will make him better. We need help from a Boulder attorney to understand what can be done for our child now, and for the future if this Colorado car accident has long term effects. What if his injuries suddenly affect him 10 years from today?”

“My husband was driving to get groceries when a semi ran a stop sign and crashed into him. Since the accident, everything’s changed. He took an ambulance to the hospital and was released 2 days later. We thought he’d get better in a few weeks’ time, but he’s been out of work 6 months. Now we’re dealing with a situation we never dreamed would happen. They’ve recommended he have spine surgery, and we don’t even know what surgeon to speak with. We’ve got insurance companies calling us every day wanting recorded conversations and medical releases. We’re not sure what to say or do, and the medical bills and collection notices are piling up. We know our credit’s being affected, but we have no idea which way to turn, or how to make this situation better.”

If you can relate to any of these scenarios, we may be able to help.

But our services are not for everyone. We are not the right choice for 80% of people in Colorado car accidents who are either not hurt or suffer minor muscle sprain/strain that resolves within months. Many larger volume law firms might better serve your needs in such situations.

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