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We only work with people suffering serious physical harm (including brain and spine injuries) resulting from a car accident.  We work to achieve reimbursement for medical expenses and future medical treatment for our clients. If insurance corporations are unwilling to pay the basics, we file the case and let community jurors decide what amount of money is fair and reasonable compensation. We are among the few Boulder car accident attorneys that actually try cases, unwilling to accept unreasonable low-ball settlement offers. We recognize the power and importance of the jury system, as a jury can finally demand that an insurance corporation honor its contracts – nothing more and nothing less. ..

Common Questions Answered:

Can you explain the claims stemming from an auto accident?

As the not-at-fault party in an auto accident, you have three possible claims, although not all may be relevant to your situation:
1. A property claim (auto body repair for your vehicle)
2. A bodily injury claim (only if you were seriously injured in the crash)
3. An underinsured/uninsured motorist claim (if the at-fault driver does not have enough coverage to pay for your medical bills and future medical treatment stemming directly from the crash)

With this three-pronged claims system, we take the uncertainty of the process. We help individuals understand claims processing, how to work with the insurance company, what information should be provided to help in adjusting the claim, how the claim is adjusted, how long it should take and what they should expect in terms of a settlement. If the low-ball settlement offer doesn’t cover the medical bills, we are willing to take the case to court.

If I’m injured in a crash, can I sue the insurance corporation of the at-fault driver??

You cannot sue the insurance corporation of the person who was at fault. Under Colorado law, you have to sue the at-fault driver, but the insurance corporation is actually backing the individual defendant. THE INSURANCE CORP. IS ACTUALLY DEFENDING THE AT-FAULT DRIVER AND WILL PAY FOR THE DEFENDANT’S LAWYER AS WELL AS ANY VERDICT AMOUNT. However, “auto insurance” cannot be described or even hinted in a trial. Jurors are intentionally left in the dark that a large insurance corporation is actually backing the individual defendant.

Every licensed driver in Colorado is required to have car insurance. Insurance corporations demand monthly premiums, yet are not upholding the promises in the contracts. More and more people hurt in car accidents are forced to sue another person (and not the at-fault driver’s insurer) in order to get the necessary/reasonable monies for medical treatment, disability and wage loss all from the car accident.

How does the insurance company evaluate my claim?

9 out of the top 10 insurance companies use a computer system to evaluate human loss and insurance claims. And approximately 95% of all the auto claims in the United States are evaluated by some type of computer system software. As a result, it is exceedingly important that you understand what is being considered in claims evaluated by Claims Assessment Software, and how those settlement offers might not represent a good-faith evaluation of your claim. The most common software is called Colossus.

What if I’m in a crash and the person who hit me does not have insurance or they don’t have enough insurance to make me whole?

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20 Years Of Experience In Various Car Accident Cases

Colorado car accident personal injury attorneys that have high volume caseloads do not have time to dig deep into each case. We are different, taking only a handful of cases each year.

Attorneys Peter M. Anderson and Carlo Bonavita

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Located in Longmont, we work with serious personal injury cases throughout Colorado. We specialize in car accidents and insurance breach of contract cases, focusing solely on these two practice areas. As a true trial firm, we have the expertise and experience in trying these cases, should the insurance corporations (which are in every jury trial) make a low ball offer, forcing us to court. Our record of success in settlement negotiations and in the courtroom is proof of our competency. 

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When I was injured and was dealing with a mild traumatic brain injury, Peter Anderson and Traci Cullen were very sincere in taking the time to get to know me, what I was going through and needed, and they explained details to me slowly and exactly. I chose this office to represent me because I felt their honesty and knowledge, and this gave me great peace of mind. Peter, Traci, and Kim are always there when I need to meet or have a question.

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