Peter M. Anderson Trial Attorney in Colorado

Many people assume that successful plaintiff personal injury lawyers come from privileged lives. That is seldom the case. Many of the top plaintiff lawyers in the country had a regular upbringing, and have struggled to obtain the American dream. Boulder personal injury lawyer Peter M. Anderson’s background helps him understand much of what his clients’ experience.

Peter was born to young parents in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. His father was a Scottish immigrant, while his mother hailed from humble beginnings outside of Toronto. Growing up in Canada with his brother and parents, Peter spent his days playing street/pond hockey and attending elementary school. His father was a salesman for a local tape cassette company; his mother stayed home to care for the family. Dissatisfied with the opportunities in Canada and poor living accommodations, Peter’s father packed up the family and moved to the U.S. – the first of the “Anderson” clan to do so. Jobs were scarce, but Peter’s father found a new sales position. Bouncing around from apartment to apartment, the family finally found a home in Pennsylvania. Peter was unable to work on the early-status green card visa he had. So every weekend was spent doing manual labor jobs, from landscaping to painting to golf caddying, to pick up extra money when available.

Although his parents never graduated from high school, Peter wanted more… and decided to pursue higher education, seeking a college that would subsidize his education and athletic endeavors. At West Chester University in Pennsylvania, Peter studied to obtain two college degrees, while playing hockey. He paid for his own tuition through student loans and holding down odd jobs, serving as a waiter, working in the dining halls, lifeguarding at pools and lifeguarding on the Cape May Beach Patrol.

Upon graduation from university, Peter embarked on his first career in sales, working for Internet Securities. He worked in Manhattan, New York, and then opened a satellite office in Washington, D.C. He traveled across the U.S. selling emerging market intelligence until the company centralized its business in Boston, where he relocated. In 1997, Peter decided to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a Boulder personal injury lawyer – the first lawyer in his entire extended family. He was a bit older than the other applicants, many of whom were fresh out of college. But he persisted nevertheless, working days as a claims adjuster at Liberty Mutual Insurance Company and at an insurance defense firm Morrison Mahoney & Miller to pay his tuition for law school. He spent four arduous years working during the day, while spending nights attending New England School of Law (NESL). He served as class president for all four years, while playing on the NESL club hockey team. Upon graduation, Peter decided to embark on a new adventure in Colorado, although he knew no one. He studied for the Colorado Bar for three months, staying in the University of Colorado dorms and then apartments. He passed the exam in 2001, a few months out of law school. His mother was able to visit Colorado to see her son sworn into the bar, passing away the next month on Thanksgiving due to lung cancer.

In 2001, Boulder personal injury lawyer Peter M. Anderson hung out a “shingle” starting his own practice. Nearly 20 years later it has proven to be a very successful venture, as Peter has helped hundreds of clients dealing with personal injury claims or insurance bad faith issues. He has tried jury trials every year for nearly two decades, and during this time, he was won over 94% of court cases, while other cases have resulted in six- and seven-figure settlements. In 2005, Peter finally became an American citizen, taking written and oral exams, fingerprints and background checks to finally stake his claim in the U.S. He is a proudly living the American dream. Today, Boulder personal injury lawyer Peter M. Anderson maintains a very busy law practice with the help of his dedicated paralegal staff, and continues to hone his trial advocacy skills as he was handpicked to attend the NITA program, Bill Barton’s BootCamp and other select seminars. He is a frequent lecturer at both legal and chiropractic conferences across the U.S. and has been recently approached to pen a book on his trial experiences.  View his complete resume here.

Authoring a book might have to wait, as Peter is actively engaged in trial work, balancing his work schedule with his home life, on a farmette in the Hygiene section of Longmont. Many a day you may find him out on the John Deere tractor mowing the lawns or maintaining the fence lines. He has been happily married for over 20 years, spending time with family and friends. For entertainment, he races dirt bikes in the Rocky Mountain Enduro Circuit and CORCS, trains with dirt bike specialist Steve Hatch Racing, and practices Brazilian jiujitsu at DarkHorse Academy in Longmont.