Summer Roller Skating!

Friday:  7:00-10 pm

Saturday: 7:00-10:00 pm
At Sky-Vue Skateland, we host a variety of different activities that make for an enjoyable time at the skating rink. Not only do we host regular open-session skating time with classic hits and new music for entertainment, but we also provide a variety of party options. Our venue is happy to cater to your needs for birthday parties, family gatherings and other celebrations or groups, leaving your only responsibility as organizing the guest list and sending out the invites!

Roller Skating Party

Large groups or small, a roller skating party is enjoyed by all.

Kid’s Birthday Party

For a kid’s birthday party, let them experience the freedom and enjoyment that come from a skate party!

Hours & Pricing

Roller Skating is timeless. Sky-Vue Skateland offers recreational skating for families, teens, and tweens.
We can teach you how to skate!

#1 Mistake Parents Make While Teaching Kids to Roller Skate

#1 Mistake Parents Make While Teaching Kids to Roller Skate

I returned to Sky-Vue Skateland in the summer of 1983 as operations manager. Our Father, Vernon Holder, had served in that position since opening the doors in 1958. Over the years he taught many people of all ages how to roller skate. Working by his side I learned the tips and techniques for teaching people how to skate. From my own personal 38 years of teaching people how to roller skate, I can accurately diagnose the hindrance preventing a skater from skating. By simply observing the...

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Is it Possible to Roller Skate with One Leg Shorter than the Other?

Is it Possible to Roller Skate with One Leg Shorter than the Other?

Yes, it is! Meet Michael Cole Jordan. Michael is eleven years old and has had CFD (Congenital Femoral Deficiency) since birth. He enjoys skating as much as any other tween. His right leg is 10cm shorter than his left leg. How did Michael’s Skating Journey Begin? Michael is a third-generation skater at Sky-Vue Skateland. His mother, Beth Hux Jordan, introduced Michael to roller skating about the age of 7 when he had a foot-on-foot prosthesis that compensated for the difference in the length of...

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Let’s Get Physical, Move in May

Let’s Get Physical, Move in May

The month of May is designated as National Physical Fitness & Sports Month by the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition. Their physical fitness campaign encourages daily physical activity for youth and adults. The Need for Exercise Our youth ages, 6 to 17, need at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. Overweight or obese children are likely to carry their weight into adulthood.  Therefore, they are more likely to face health problems...

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Sky-Vue Skateland Celebrates its 60th birthday!


The Place to Skate Since 1958!

Even in these modern times, we still look for ways we can spend time with family and friends in a safe, wholesome and fun way! We here at Sky-Vue Skateland have been providing a recreational opportunity for people in the Rocky Mount, North Carolina area since 1958, and it is something we look forward to doing for many more years to come!

What people are saying!

Love skating here. We have had 4 generations skate here, and hopefully, it will still be here for my grandson to skate here. Ms. Denise and David are amazing people who have given the community a safe place for kids to hangout!!
– Deana W.
Had my daughter’s 6th birthday at Sky-Vue, and let me just say, it was worth every penny! I was able to enjoy the party and my daughter. They handled everything. Very organized. Highly recommend.
– Rhiannan Y.
I took my 7 grandchildren to Sky-Vue today. I was apprehensive about taking 7 children, but everything at Sky-Vue was so organized that it made my afternoon an easy and pleasant experience! My grandchildren all had a great time, and we will be returning to Sky-Vue! The management was friendly, and the prices were very reasonable!
– Kathleen S.

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If you are looking for fun, exercise, and a classically good time in a safe, supervised environment, then we invite you to check us out here at Sky-Vue Skateland today!

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