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Great exercise, great fun, great friends when you come roller skating!

Here at Sky-Vue Skateland, we love roller skating! We can’t help it- it’s in our blood. As a second-generation, family-owned and operated skating rink, we appreciate the fun and enjoyment that comes from roller skating more than most. We have seen many people come and go through our doors in the last 60 years, and we would love to share our love of skating with you and your family or friends.

Roller Skating in Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Roller skating comes with many benefits besides being just plain fun. When you come roller skating here at Sky-Vue Skateland, you will find that not only do you have a great time, but you are able to get some great exercise while socializing with friends or skating solo. Roller skating is great for your endurance since it is a cardiovascular activity and also a great calorie burner. People who have joint issues love roller skating because it gives them the ability to enjoy speed without the impact and jarring motion of running or other activities.

In addition to it being great exercise, roller skating is a fun way to listen to music and catch up with friends. Groups large and small can benefit from roller skating in ways beyond exercise. Even a short session of talking with friends can help to lower stress and increase your feel-good brain chemicals.

If you have been looking for a new hobby, a new form of exercise, or want to get back to enjoying something that you loved when you were younger, then come roller skating with us here at Sky-Vue Skateland in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. You will love our classic wood floor and family-friendly atmosphere. Whether you have skates or need to rent some of ours, our experts can help you get the right fit. For more information, please give us a call today.