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We Conveniently and Discreetly Ship Testosterone Nationwide, Directly to Your Doorstep


THIS IS OUR SPECIALTY. Our providers are certified in Hormone Replacement Therapy, and our medical Director, Scott Shapiro, MD, has been working with bioidentical hormones since 1989. He is board certified by ABAARM, FACOG, and has a fellowship in FAAMM (Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Metabolic Medicine) He has participated in peer reviews and made a presentation before the US Congress regarding new testing methods for at-home screenings. He continues to train in the latest methods for anti-aging, aesthetic, and metabolic health, as well as improving overall wellness and sexual function in both men and women. His Protocols are customized for each patient and he has treated thousands of patients with successful results.


There are no hidden costs, you will know the cost of your treatments UPFRONT.


NO MONTHLY OFFICE VISITS!  Follow-up visits can be done in-person, by phone or by a virtual visit. Your testosterone will be conveniently and privately delivered right to your door!


If approved for our T-Zone Therapy monthly program, everything will be included for $140/month including Testosterone Injections, basic testosterone follow-up labs, Anastrazole, if needed, all syringes, mixing solution, even alcohol swabs.  We have even included the shipping! 

***Biweekly HCG injections to preserve fertility and/or to prevent testicular shrinkage is also currently available to T-zone patients for an additional $79 per month. Because of recent changes by the FDA in compounding laws, we don’t know how long this will be available or what price this may be in the future. This is the only variable we know of and is something we cannot control. We WILL, however, commit to keeping you apprised of any changes in charges or prescribing, PRIOR to processing monthly charges.

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We will then send an intake form for you to fill out so we know what course of treatment to take.

Balancing your hormones will help you get your focus, energy and confidence back. Improved physical intimacy leads to better connections in your relationships. Invest in yourself, you’re worth it!

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Click on the link to have the questionnaire emailed to you.  We will send you an intake form. Fill out the form and send it back to us.  Everything is done electronically and should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.


Our provider will review your paperwork and you will be assigned a dedicated Testosterone Consultant.  He will contact you to review the program, answer any questions you may have and send you a lab requisition to take to the partner drawing site most convenient for you.  He will then set up your virtual consult with our provider, which is usually within 2 days of your labs being drawn.


Dr. Scott will thoroughly review your intake form, as well as your symptoms and lab results. He will then recommend a course of treatment. If you qualify for our all-inclusive T*Zone Therapy program, your prescription will be called into our U.S. compounding pharmacy that specializes in hormone replacement, and they will ship directly to you on a set schedule.

It’s as simple as that!


After your initial paperwork, a 1-time fee of $399 is charged and this includes your basic labs, your review of history, symptoms, and comprehensive consultation.

If you decide to proceed with our T*Zone Therapy program, and want to start right away, the 1st month’s cost will be prorated, depending on your desired start date. Otherwise, your program will begin and continue automatically on the first week of each month, when both your charges and prescription will be processed and mailed out to you.

We will monitor your symptoms periodically through an electronic symptom questionnaire. You may also call the office anytime, should you have other questions or concerns during your course of treatment.

Because we offer this program at the absolute lowest cost possible, and because it takes time to experience the full benefits of therapy, we ask that patients make a commitment to participate in the program for a minimum of 5 months. After that, you may cancel at ANY time, for ANY reason, with a 30-day notice.



​Each individual patient is unique, there may be labs or medications needed in the future, that aren’t covered in our plan.

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