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Choose an option below to book your escape room experience!


  • If you’re playing an escape room for the first time, we recommend a group of at least 4 players.
  • Suitable for ages 12+. If anyone in the group is under the age of 15, the booking must be private and the group must be accompanied by an adult in the room.
  • By default, all of our rooms are public bookings which means that any empty slots can be reserved by other players (who may be strangers to you).
  • If you prefer playing with just your group, check the box next to “Book Entire Game” when reserving your adventure.
  • The price is $29 per person for either option.
  • Questions? See our FAQ.


5 Stars

Our Group had the most amazing experience last Friday! The rooms were challenging, fun and engaging. Rafael and Heather were amazing and welcoming. This was the perfect option for our youth leadership team to kickoff our year. Thank you!!


5 Stars

We had such a fantastic time at whole brain escapes. We played the Dr. Conundrum room for my daughter’s 12th birthday and every girl had a favorite part/clue we solved. I would highly recommend going to whole brain escapes for birthday parties, date night or girls night out. You won’t regret it! The staff was welcoming, answered all our questions and encouraged us. The facility was clean and the escape room was organized and engaging.”


5 Stars

“HAD A BLAST. I have never been to an escape room and was leery that me and my friends would even be able to ‘play’. It was awesome. We were prompted a few times and with that help were able to play the whole room – and it was fun. We can’t wait to go again. I recommend for ANY age. THANK YOU!”


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