Are the escape rooms safe?

Yes, we are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our fun, cooperative, small group activities.

Each room is cleaned after each group, which includes wiping down all the doorknobs, locks, and props during room resets. We keep up to date on the current CDC guidelines.

We offer private bookings at no additional cost, which allows you to control who is in the room with you. To make your room private, please check the box next to “Private Event” on the booking page.

A game coordinator observes the players during play; there is one coordinator per room. While they are there to provide hints and help for the players, their top priority is a safe experience.

There are front and rear doors to the building, so that everyone can safely exit the building via the closest one.  These exits are unlocked at all times during business hours when players are on-site.  The pathways to these exits are unobstructed.

We have fire extinguishers on both floors that are easily accessible by anyone in the building.  These extinguishers are inspected on a regular basis.

What’s the difference between a Public and Private booking?

A public booking is a great option if you are interested in meeting and playing with new people. By default, all of our rooms are public bookings unless you select the “Book Entire Experience” (which makes it a private booking). Pricing is $29 per person for a public experience.

A private booking is great if you’d prefer to play with just your group. Check the box next to “Book Entire Experience” when reserving your escape room.  Pricing is $29 per person.

Is there an age limit for the escape rooms?

The escape rooms are suitable for ages 12+. If any children in the group are under the age of 15 the booking must be private and must have an adult accompany them in the escape room.

My child is playing with a group of friends, can I just drop them off and come back in an hour?

Not if anyone in the group is under the age of 15 and there is no adult supervising the group. If anyone in the group is under the age of 15, someone 18 or older must be in the room with the group at all times.

My child or friend is playing with a group of friends, can I wait in the lobby?

No, we don’t have room to accommodate people waiting for an hour or more in the lobby.  Our lobby is just the right size for welcoming groups and doing group photos. We wish we had more space, but we used all the space for escape rooms!

Do I need to buy a ticket if I am in the room to supervise, but am not planning to play?

Yes, anyone who is actually in the escape room needs to buy a ticket.

Can we squeeze one or two more people into the escape room?

No, due to the room design and safety regulations, we cannot exceed the maximum limits for each escape room. The limits for each escape room are:

  • Bustin’ Out of the Eighties – Eight (8) people
  • Escape the Supervillain’s Lair – Eight (8) people
  • Seekers of the Mystic Orb – Ten (10) people
  • Mystery of the Mad Scientist – Ten (10) people

There are only 2 people in our group, can we still unlock a good time?

If you’ve played a lot of escape rooms, it is possible! However, if this is your first escape room or you’ve only played a couple, we strongly recommend a group of at least 4 or more players. If there are only 2 people in your group, considering joining a room that is public and already has some players booked.

We have a large group, can you accommodate all of us at the same time?

We can host up to 40 players at the same time, split across 4 different rooms.  Contact us for assistance with setting up a custom time for your group.  

Do you offer any type of program for scout troops or Y-guides?

Yes!  We love to host Girl Scout Troops, Boy Scout Troops, and Y-Guide groups.  When your troop comes in together to play a room, each participant will earn this awesome Escape Room badge! Contact us for more information.

Is there a difficulty level for the rooms?

Bustin’ Out of the Eighties is a good introductory room, Escape the Supervillain’s Lair is medium difficulty, and the other two are a little more challenging.

Are we locked in the escape room?

No, you are not actually locked in the escape room (due to fire regulations). You are free to exit the room at any time, but the timer won’t stop!

Is it scary or claustrophobic?

Our escape rooms do not feature jump scares, live actors, or scary themes. The rooms are large enough for 8 – 10 people to stand upright and freely move around (our ceilings are 12 ft tall).

Do I need a reservation?

You must reserve and pay for your tickets online at least 2 hours before your adventure.

Are tickets refundable?

All sales are final and refunds are not issued for cancellations or no shows. However, you can reschedule to another time with 24 hours advance notice.

What time should I get there?

Please arrive 15 minutes before your reserved time so you can get checked in and have your pre-game orientation (and one final restroom break).  Remember that traffic in Raleigh-Durham area can add a few minutes to your travel time.

What if I am late?

All escape room experiences begin at the designated time. If you are late, your game time is decreased. If the rest of the group is ready on time, they are allowed to start without you.

Do I need to sign a waiver? Can I sign it online?

You will need to sign a waiver before you can participate in your escape room adventure. You will sign the waiver as part of your check-in, we do not have waivers available to sign beforehand.

Can I bring my phone in the room?

You may bring your phone in the escape rooms, but if you need to use it, please leave the room and go to the lobby so you don’t disturb other players.  Our puzzles are designed so that no outside knowledge is needed to solve them.  Everything you need is inside the room – so no need to search for answers on your phone!

Can I take pictures or video?

Pictures and videos are not allowed inside the rooms. We want to keep the rooms a surprise for the other players!

Where are you located?

We are conveniently located in Apex, NC on Highway 55:  410 Upchurch St Apex, NC 27502  – Estimated travel times are as follows, but please check Google Maps for the most accurate information (as times will vary based on traffic and road conditions):

  • From Cary – 10 minutes
  • From Holly Springs – 10 minutes
  • From Fuquay-Varina – 20 minutes
  • From Raleigh – 15 minutes
  • From Durham – 20 minutes

What kind of teams benefit from the escape room team building experience?

All types of teams can benefit! Whether you’re a new team or a team that has years of experience working together, coming to the escape room gives the team time away from the office to interact in an informal setting. It will strengthen the bonds of the participants through the creation of shared experiences.  This experience is great for corporate groups, PTA leadership, community leadership, small businesses, athletic teams, bands, orchestras, or any group of people that collaborate on a regular basis.

What is the team building experience like?

Have your team meet at Whole Brain Escape 15 minutes before their team building activity begins.  You will be greeted by your Game Coordinator who acts as your guide throughout the experience. He or she will give you instructions, provide any necessary hints and ensure that the team feels comfortable throughout the visit.  Once in the room, your team can relax, have fun and try something new as they work through the puzzles that lead to escape!

Are we able to pick a custom time for our team building experience?

Absolutely!  If you don’t see a time that works for you on our Book Now page, please contact us and we can set up a custom time for you and your team.  You can have it any day of the week, including Mondays and Tuesdays.  We are happy to accommodate whatever works with your schedule.

The enhanced team building packages that include a DISC profile and training workshop are only available Monday – Friday.

How far in advance should we book a team-building experience?

We recommend booking at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure that you are able to book the ideal time and desired room for your outing. We offer team-building experiences throughout the week during both day and evening hours. Whole Brain Escape will work with you to ensure that your team experience is a positive one.  

Can I bring food?

Food and drink are not allowed in the rooms. Alcohol is strictly prohibited.


Email us havefun@wholebrainescape.com or call us at (919) 355-2714.

5 Stars

Our Group had the most amazing experience last Friday! The rooms were challenging, fun and engaging. Rafael and Heather were amazing and welcoming. This was the perfect option for our youth leadership team to kickoff our year. Thank you!!


5 Stars

We had such a fantastic time at whole brain escapes. We played the Dr. Conundrum room for my daughter’s 12th birthday and every girl had a favorite part/clue we solved. I would highly recommend going to whole brain escapes for birthday parties, date night or girls night out. You won’t regret it! The staff was welcoming, answered all our questions and encouraged us. The facility was clean and the escape room was organized and engaging.”


5 Stars

“HAD A BLAST. I have never been to an escape room and was leery that me and my friends would even be able to ‘play’. It was awesome. We were prompted a few times and with that help were able to play the whole room – and it was fun. We can’t wait to go again. I recommend for ANY age. THANK YOU!”


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