Live escape room experience in which you have 60 minutes to discover clues and use logic to figure out how to break out!

Bustin’ Out of the Eighties

You just wanted to see the 1980s: big hair, parachute pants, and vinyl records. But you took a wrong turn in the Time Vortex, and now you’re stuck. You’ve got one hour to find the time machine and get home. Can you bust out in time?


  • Number of players: 2 – 8
  • Time limit: 60 minutes
  • Price $29 per person
Bustin' Out of the Eighties Escape Room

Escape the Supervillain’s Lair

It’s 1963, and supervillains have taken over the world. You and your fellow superheroes have been captured by the nefarious Quizzler. She’s neutralized your super-powers, so you’ll have to use your wits to escape. Can you save the day?


  • Number of players: 2 – 8
  • Time limit: 60 minutes
  • Price: $29 per person
Escape the Supervillians Lair Escape Room

Seekers of the Mystic Orb

On the Isle of Dread, archaeologists have discovered a long-forgotten city. Somewhere in these ruins, you must find the Mystic Orb, an artifact of great power. Find it and flee, or be trapped by an ancient curse! Will you succeed in your quest?


  • Number of players: 2 – 10
  • Time limit: 60 minutes
  • Price $29 per person
Whole Brain Escape Apex

Mystery of the Mad Scientist

Dr. Conundrum has broken the laws of space and time, and opened a doorway to the Lunaverse. In 60 minutes, our planet will be sucked into a dimension of pure lunacy. Will you restore sanity, or will you be lost forever in a psychedelic madhouse?

Number of players: 2 – 10
Time limit: 60 minutes
Price: $29 per person

Whole Brain Escape Room
5 Stars

“I love how everything in the rooms makes total sense, and the puzzles and themes are really fun and immersive. They are all great, but the harder ones – Seekers and Mad Scientist – were especially wonderful for our group of experienced players. I’ve played almost 400 rooms at this point, and I think Whole Brain is the best in the Raleigh Durham area.” ~ Emerson

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