to show improvement after salon service18” Doll Hair Care — Little girls love their dolls. Do you have a little girl whose favorite playmate is an 18” doll?

American Girl dolls are one of the most well-known 18” dolls but there are so many similar, beautiful choices.

Here are some great alternatives to American Girl dolls.

• What a Doll (Madame Alexandra) at Kmart
• My Life dolls at Walmart
• Our Generation dolls at Target
• Dollie and Me at Kohl’s
• Madame Alexandra
• Springfield Collection at JoAnn Fabrics and Michael’s Crafts
• Hearts for Hearts dolls on Amazon

One of the most beautiful features of these dolls is their hair. Unfortunately, their hair can also be one of the worst parts. It can get dirty, frizzy and tangled.

Here are some hints to keep your favorite little girl’s doll looking beautiful.

Use the right brush – It is important to have a special brush just for the doll. If a child uses their own hairbrush on their doll, oils can be transferred to do the doll and will collect dust dulling the doll’s hair.

Velcro is the enemy – Most 18” doll clothing has Velcro fastenings. Put the doll’s hair in a ponytail before changing outfits to keep the Velcro from snagging the hair.

How to brush – When it is time for a doll to have her hair brushed start near the ends, and brush out her hair, using short, gentle strokes. Work your way up: ends, then the middle, then top, gently brushing out any tangles to avoid breaking strands. If the doll has curly hair, use a metal pick.

18” Doll Hair Care – When a doll’s hair needs detangling or washing Wigful Thinking has a deal for you.

We now offer a doll salon service. We can wash, condition, and style your child’s favorite doll and leave it looking brand new. If additional services are required such as defrizzing an added cost may be determined when a doll is dropped off. No appointment is necessary. If you have questions or want to schedule an appointment please call us at 609-249-4811.

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