The holiday season is upon us and that means you may want to enhance your look for parties and gatherings.  If you are experiencing hair loss due to medical conditions wearing wraps and scarves can make you feel festive and lovely.

Color matters

Brighten your spirits by looking for scarves and head wraps in vivid colors that compliment your outfits and your skin tone.  More radiant colors can also lighten your face, accent your eyes and make you look your best.

When you do wear more basic colors you can brighten up black, white, or grey headpieces with a colorful headband layered on top. Small scarves add a decorative touch to a solid hat or turban. This is an easy way to add a pop of color, texture or pattern to your look.


Hat pins and broaches allow you to enhance your pre-tied scarf, turban or hat with a bit of sparkle and fun. Adding rosettes or rhinestones are easy ways to embellish your head coverings. Because these accessories are removable you can use them on different headwear. Mix and match to create a style that is all your own.

Fabric choices

Choose comfortable fabrics that are breathable, soft and natural while maintaining color and stretch.  Fabrics that are easy to launder make maintaining your look easy

Cotton – Cotton is appropriate for every season. It is a natural fiber that is durable, comfortable and does not slip. Look for lightweight cotton scarves that drape well.

Silk – Silk is a lovely fabric that is soft and breathable. It drapes beautifully. Because it is a natural fiber it absorbs perspiration. It is a delicate fabric that needs to be handled with care when washing.

Viscose – Viscose is also known as Rayon. It is a versatile fabric is comfortable, soft and highly absorbent. You will find viscose holds color, has no static build up and does not trap body heat.

Chiffon – Chiffon is an easy wash and wear fabric. It drapes well and does not slip. Unfortunately, it is very lightweight and might not be the best choice for colder weather. You will want to wear a hat liner with scarves made from chiffon because it is not as soft as other options.

Wool – Lightweight wool scarves make lovely head coverings for cool weather. It is a natural fabric that resists moisture. Cashmere can be soft and comfortable. Select scarves that are not too thick to avoid a bulky look.

If the fabric you choose is uncomfortable you can use a lace sleep cap or hat liner under your head covering.  Hat liners also absorb sweat and allow you to wash only the liner. This keeps your head covering clean longer.

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Our professional stylists can help you find exactly what you need. We carry beautiful head wraps, scarves and accessories as well as stylish wigs and special occasion hair pieces.  Contact Wigful Thinking Wig Studio to set up your free consultation.

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