It’s that time again, ladies. Summer is winding down and Fall is right around the pumpkin spiced corner. Have you started thinking about how your hair will make the summer-to-fall transition? The days of shorts and tanks have been shoved aside in favor of jeans, jackets, and boots. It’s the perfect opportunity to switch up your wardrobe and make your hair your best accessory.

Wigs are a great way to help ease your hair into the new weather because you can try out all different types of styles that you may not have been comfortable with wearing in the summer. It’s not quite cold yet, but the heats not gone, making transitioning into a new style kind of tricky.

Here are some tips on how to successfully fall into looking your best this season:

Fall Colors

Being able to change up your look on a dime, with no long-term commitment, is a distinct benefit to wearing a wig. When considering a new color, also consider your skin tone and try to stay close (if you’re going for a natural look). Darker tends to be easier to pull off in the fall and winter.

Trending color considerations:

Warmer Tones – darker tones such as chocolate brown, toffee, and auburn are deep, rich, and perfect for the season.

Pops of Color — soft peach, coppers, and oranges bring warmth and dimension, providing an easy style transition from the more vibrant summer.

Change Up The Length

As it gets colder and you start considering how to update your wig for the season there are certain factors to take into consideration before committing to a length. If you’re changing the style, especially around your face, consider the shape of your face to help you pick a complimentary style.

The weather in your area is key to decision making. If your area is damp, no frizz is a major benefit to wigs, but at the same time, it might be best to go with a shorter, just as versatile, look. Long flowing locks are wonderful, but it comes with more daily maintenance.

To update a human hair wig, simply go to a hairstylist who will be able to cut, color, and style a wig just like natural hair. If you choose a synthetic wig, the flexibility of having a rotation of style possibilities throughout the season makes it a great option.

What’s In Style

  • Center Part – A simple and sophisticated look perfect for any occasion and any hair length.
  • Long Bob – Cut to the chin, this hairstyle is blunt, no-fuss and works for any hair texture.
  • Smooth and Straight – One of the most prominent trends this year. Just tuck the hair behind your ears to show off the face and collar bones.
  • Sleek Ponytails – Low maintenance and smooth, great for those rainy hat days where pulling it back is the clean go to look.
  • Headbands – Scarves, bandanas, and headbands will add style and warmth to your fall ensemble. Use the accessory to put your hair up or let your locks flow loose.

Fall in love with a new look this season

Wigful Thinking LogoWhen you’re ready to update your wig for fall or try a new style, head straight to Wigful Thinking Wig Studio. Our professional stylists will help you not only find the perfect wig for your face shape, look, and lifestyle, but they’ll also show you how to style and care for your wig.

Wigful Thinking services a growing market need for a simple and highly personalized approach to non-medical, non-surgical hair augmentation solutions for those driven by fun, fashion, convenience or medical hair loss. Call us at (609) 249-4811 today or stop in for a free consultation.

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